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August 28, 2018 6 min read

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Full stop, Summer needs to slow down. We are already at the end of August; but at least that means there is a new interview from our Banana Bunch! This time we interviewed Nasa and her mom Chelsea!

I'd love to hear more about how you met Nasa!

My boyfriend and I were looking for a puppy, and he knew he wanted a border collie. We looked on a local add website called KSL, it's like craigslist but local, we saw a listing for border collie puppies and decided to go take a look. We fell in love with his spunky personality and one blue eye. Unfortunately two days after bringing him home he was acting really lethargic and not eating. We took him to the emergency vet and found out he had a parvovirus infection, we were very upset and it was a long recovery with two days in the ICU at the vet and a month of at home care. Now he is doing much better obviously, very spoiled now that he pulled through!

Nasa is raw fed - we haven't had a raw red pupper in our life for awhile, but remember it as quite difficult. What do you think? If you were chatting with a dog owner and they asked about Nasa being raw fed, would you recommend it? Any great tips?

I would recommend it to certain people. Depending on how you go about it it can either be pretty hard or expensive. I'm a second year in veterinary school so my opinion on raw food for dogs is different than most. I am not anti kibble or commercial pet food like most raw feeders typically are. I do believe that fresh whole foods are the best option for both dogs and cats. Studies have shown that the difference in nutritional value of cooked homemade diets and raw diets are not that different, but I do think that the concern of pathogens is very over-exaggerated. Dogs don't get salmonella, and feeding your dog raw is the same risk as cooking meat in your home.

Anyway, most people don't have the knowledge to scientifically balance their own diet. Most raw feeders say balancing over time is fine, but a lot of commercial meats and the typical homemade raw diet is lacking in certain vitamins and minerals. So, in my opinion if someone came to me and asked about raw feeding their dog I would ask if they are able to use an online program like pet diet designer to create their own food and look at the nutritional composition, if not I'd suggest a pre-made raw or freeze dried food. That's where the expensive side comes in. These diets are very convenient and I've tried them myself but it's very expensive.

I'd recommend that people look into pre-made diets and try to find a local raw feeding co-op near them. These co-ops typically have pre-made dogs foods of good quality for a great price.

Nasa is fast asleep, having the best dream of his life. In this dream, you bring him a silver platter - it smells amazing and has Nasa's favorite treat inside. What is the treat? Have any funny stories about any of Nasa's fav treats?

Nasa honestly loves almost every treat, but he does go crazy for the Realdogbox treats. They are a company that makes one ingredient dehydrated goodies for dogs. The lung and fish ones are his favorite!

Out of all of the dogs we follow on Instagram, Nasa has the best name. We are super big space nerds - we would love to hear any of the backstory behind the name!

Thank you so much! There isn't a huge backstory behind his name. My boyfriend Nic named him. We were trying to think of dog names, I thought Zodiac would be a good name but Nic thought it sounded like the Zodiac killer. He was looking up space related names because he is also a huge space nerd and it hit him that we should call him Nasa. Our cats name is Nova so we have space themed pets!

Nasa has been training for Flyball lately - how did that get started?

We took a trip to a pet expo in the middle of July and we saw the team do a demo at the event. It was really fun and we got to try it. It seemed like a great high-action sport. We mainly did obedience training before this so we were looking to do something more athletic with him and decided to go to the lessons. We just signed up for the team and we are super excited!

I think Nasa might have the largest closet (collection of bandanas) that I've seen on Instagram so far. When you are looking to add more bandanas to his collection, what are you looking for?

Haha he does have a lot of bandanas, I think I counted 80 plus collars and bow ties the other day! We like different things, different unique patterns and cute sayings. I try to stay with unisex colors, and for me teals and blues always catch my eye because it's my favorite color! That's part of the reason why I love Banana Bandanas so much is all of the prints are original and unique!!

This is a personal question - so please feel free to skip! In Nasa's bio, it says that you are a vet student! We would love to hear more about your studies, (where, when, why) if you don't mind!

No problem at all. I'm a second year veterinary student in the WIMU regional program class of 2021. I spend my first two years at Utah State University and then I move up to Washington to finish my last to years at Washington State University. We are a unique program that is a partner of four states and three schools. I am not exactly sure what area of expertise I want to go into yet.

My background is mostly horses, before vet school I lived in Kentucky and worked at Hagyard, one of the leading equine only medical hospitals in the world, as a vet tech. Now I just got finished doing my summer internship in dairy medicine. I'm also very interested in exotic mammals (I also have 7 ferrets), reptiles, and holistic small animal medicine. I'm keeping my doors open but I'm excited to see what's to come!

In just a year and a bit, Nasa's Instagram account has grown to almost 3500 followers. Do you have any advice for those dogs who are looking to grow, but seem to have hit a wall?

I will say it was a lot of work to grow Nasa's account to where it is now. The follow trains can be a big help. My recommendation for people is to take the time to take quality pictures (we use a samsung galaxy note 8), streamline your page, and use follow trains and like/comment pods. When I first started his account I did it for fun, and then I started seeing all of the follow trains, modeling, etc. and I got hooked. It can be really fun but also a huge job.

I've taken a huge step back from Nasa's account. I barely do anymore follow trains unless I am a host and I rarely use like pods now. Instagram has become an every man for himself type of cutthroat world. Don't get discouraged, try your best, and most importantly have fun. Instagram is supposed to be a fun platform to express yourself, and unite all of the cute pets of the world, don't get caught up in the likes or followers and just be yourself.

Free parking! Use this (or don't, totally up to you) to say anything you would like!

I'm 23 and and I live in Utah with my boyfriend of 5 years Nic. We have 17 pets all together. One dog, one cat, 7 ferrets, crested gecko, leopard gecko, axolotl, blue tongue skink, hamster, two rats, and a ball python. It's a very fun, loving, full house here!

A full house indeed! Thank you you so much for answering our questions so we can all get to know you and Nasa a bit more! If you wanted to follow Nasa's adventures, here is a link. If you wanted to support Nasa, don't forget to use the code NASA10 whenever you are buying your Banana Bandanas!

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