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October 11, 2018 6 min read

Banana Bandanas Oscar the Goof space explorer dog bandana

Hope that everyone is enjoying the last bit of warm weather of the year (at least in Canada) and getting ready for a safe and fun Halloween. Are you planning on bringing out your furry friends? Let us know in the comment section below! Today we are very happy to publish the interview with had with Oscar the Goof and his momager Desirea!

Banana Bandanas Space Explorer dog bandana

Tell us about the first time you and Oscar met!

We met Oscar for the first time on Dec 30th 2017 and it was a life changing day. Oscar's Dad and I had been waiting for a dog for years! A little backstory: Oscar's dad (Michael) and I (Desirea) lived together in a basement apartment for 7 YEARS while we finished high school, went to university, and worked to save for a place of our own. We bought a house basically for two reasons: to live above ground and to get a dog. Micheal had two labs growing up. We absolutely LOVE the breed and knew we wanted to get our own.

We did a lot of broader research as we were looking for Oscar. We knew we wanted a pure breed lab, but we wanted to ensure the breeder was as quality as we could find. We browsed countless different websites and visited a few locations in person until we discovered Cedarbay Labradors. We visited them in Port Colborne, Ontario and knew right away we had found a place we could get behind. They breed English Labradors which are a larger, stockier breed of labs. Their dogs are absolutely gorgeous and well behaved. We went for a walk with the dogs through thier amazing farm which they use to train thier dogs in the classic activities for the breed like hunting, retrieving, and swimming. We were sent photos of the puppies about every month before pick up day.

It was Christmas time so there was a lot of excitement leading up to the date. We mostly just wanted Christmas over with so we could get Oscar! The day we picked him up was a very cold, very snowy day so we bundled up and brought lots of blankets for the ride home. There were 8 puppies in the litter and they were all so cute and excited to see new people! The only preconceived notion we had about picking was that we wanted to see if we could find one that seemed more laid back than the others. We saw that right away with Oscar, he stayed back from the pack a little, he approached us very calmly but without fear. While the other puppies tossed around the blanket and toy we brought (to pick up thier smells as comfort items for Oscar) Oscar was quietly and comfortably sitting on my lap the whole time! We said Oscar was the one we wanted and got his clean vet reports. We were elated to have found such a happy, healthy, ADORABLE little chocolate pup. It was love at first sight and we couldn't be happier!🐶❤

Is Oscar an only pet/child? :)

Oscar is an only pet and child, yes! We would love to get him a little baby sister one day! Actually, we were going to get him a little sibling this year but we decided we'd like to enjoy Oscar as a single pet for a while. We think he'll be an amazing influence on a new puppy someday, he seems to get better and more mature every day!😊

Which does Oscar prefer, naps or walks?

I would definitely say he enjoys naps more! He loves walks but the enthusiasm when the collar/leash comes out does not match the enthusiasm he gives when you pat the couch cushion to invite him for a snuggle session!🛋💕

Oscar has over 20k followers! Congrats on that, super impressive. Do you have any tips or advice for other dogs looking to grow their following?

Thank you so much! ❤ I started Oscar's page mostly as an album/diary of his daily growth and training. I posted everyday with high quality images and structured captions that were truthful and informative! Its important to have variety in the images and I think followers really appreciate the realness and relatability of Oscar's posts. I think the "goof" persona was definitely relatable to lab lovers and entertaining for all dog lovers😜

Another thing that really boosted Oscar's following was to get featured on dog accounts with huge followings! I searched for pages that curate photos of labs specifically, cute puppies, etc. with a high following and added thier handles/hashtags on Oscar's posts. This definitely extended Oscar's reach and gained followers like crazy! I also followed every labrador account that followed me which I believe connected me to new followers via the "suggested" accounts feature. I've learned it's all about figuring out that algorithm and using hashtags to your advantage!👍

Is there anything that you wish people knew about Oscar, or even just knew about English Labs?

Oscar's life is pretty much all exposed on his account! But if there was one thing I would like people to know but him is that everyday is not as perfect as it may seem on IG. We love Oscar so much and are so lucky to have such a chill, well behaved little pup. There were definitely some days though, especially in the early days of having him, that it was a real struggle. Oscar's Dad and I both work, I have an art business, and were also doing renovations on our new home. Having a growing puppy at the same time was, and still can be, overwhelming! I would also love people to learn more about Oscar's breed through his account.

I have had a few comments from people that don't seem to understand the English Labrador breed. I posted Oscar's growth chalkboard every week up to 6 months old and then every month. As he was growing I had comments like "he is too heavy for his age" which is completely untrue. We had vet approval on Oscar's weight and growth every step of the way! English Labs are much bigger and stockier then American labs or other retrievers, that's what make them so squishy and cute! "I can't get rid of my labs back waves no matter how much I brush" those labs are an adorable feature of the English lab breed and should be embraced!🤗

Oscar has recently turned 11 months old! I'm sure he earned a few extra treats that day - what are Oscar's favourite treats? Anything special planned for his first birthday?

Oh he definitely got lots of treats that day! His favorites are any 100% meat freeze dried treats, anything with peanut butter, he also loves blueberries and frozen veggies (especially broccoli🥦) Whenever I make a post of Oscar eating his fave fruits and veggies I make sure to tell his followers to check online or with your vet before you feed you pet any people food! For his 1 year birthday on Nov. 6th, Oscar is definitely going to have a day dedicated to his favorite things: treats, toys, hikes, and SNUGGLES❤ I have been trying to get him used to wearing things on his head so I can hopefully get that classic bday photo of him with a pupcake and party hat!😆🤞

Free parking!

I would love to say thank you to Banana Bandanas for recruiting Oscar as a model!🍌 Oscar has had a lot of offers to represent different brands/products but we wanted to be selective and we didnt want to saturate Oscar's account with ads. I was intrigued at first because Banana Bandanas is from Toronto which is close to us and I knew I wanted to support Canadian brands🍁 I absolutely fell in love with your brand when I saw the unique designs and read the hilarious descriptions I was sold. The bandana are high quality and they are so versatile for people and pets. Thank you again and we hope the readers enjoyed this and learned something new about our goofy boy!🐶

Banana Bandanas Space Explorer dog bandana

Thank you so much to Desirea for this fantastic interview! Make sure you guys follow @oscar.the.goof to keep up with this chocolate goofball. If you have been thinking about ordering one of our bandanas; you can support Oscar by using OSCAR10 during checkout!

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