Our First Fresh Friday - Introducing Pink Haze

August 10, 2018 2 min read

Our First Fresh Friday - Introducing Pink Haze

Hope everyone has enjoyed their August so far and are gearing up for an awesome weekend! We are pretty excited to tell you all about a big change we have been working on for a few weeks. Instead of releasing five new bandana designs each month, we are releasing a new bandana design each week! There will be the same amount of new content released each month, but this will help us organize our new designs better and reach more people!

We are hereby renaming our favorite day of the week to Fresh Friday! As I'm sure you can deduce, we will post our new bandana designs each Friday of the week. We have created a second blog (aptly named Fresh Off The Press) where each Friday we will give some context to the background and process behind the design as well!

For our first Fresh Friday, we are releasing our Pink Haze bandanas, dog bandanas and headbands! We have been trying to get this design to work out for a few weeks/almost a month now, so its very satisfying to finally show everyone! This bandana's spread was created through a process called Paper Marbling.

Essentially you have a large container filled with water, some inks and oils. You then dip a single side of a large sheet of art or craft paper to absorb the colors from the inks and oils. They create really awesome streaking and colors based on the position of the inks and colors when you layed down the paper on the water! If you are interested in trying this for yourself, DO IT! It's messy, hectic and SO MUCH FUN! Here is a good guide to get you started! 

Water marbling tank Pink Haze

Our camera had a tiny accident and fell off a tripod and is MIA for a few weeks, but this shot of a marbling tank is pretty illustrative of the process! You can drag brushes or knives through the water mix to create really neat streaks - we don't have kids but this would be such a cool project to do with some creative kids during the summer!

Anyway, our Pink Haze design is available in dog bandanas, human bandanas and headbands! If you have read this far - thank you <3. Keep an eye out for next Fresh Friday!

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