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December 10, 2018 2 min read

Banana Bandanas Stocking Surprise dog bandana

Hello everyone. Long time no chat. Hope you have been well, and you have been getting lots of pets and treats and love. We've been up to no good, busy working on a new website and some new holiday theme bandanas. It's finally time to tell you about it! 

If you remember what our old website looked like, thanks for participating. If not, don't worry - you can't see it anymore anyway! Imagine a nice looking, but sort of hard to use website. The opposite of Amazon. We had lots of great bandanas being released every week, but it was hard for anyone to find them; they were lost in bandana limbo. Bandana limbo is not a fun place.

To remedy that, we've built a new way to find the perfect bandana for you from the ground up. Take a look at our Catalog page (<-- click da link) and you will see that you can filter our bandanas by your desired color scheme, content, shape and price. It's really cool and Becky said you should go and try it out, just for fun. 

It's also getting pretty cold outside, have you guys noticed that at all? I even saw some of the  white stuff on the ground. I think that means it's probably getting to that time of year for holiday themed bandanas. We've got three this year, Festive Floral, Stocking Surprise and finally Christmas Sweater!

Banana Bandanas Festive Floral dog bandanaBanana Bandanas Stocking Surprise dog bandana

Banana Bandanas Christmas Sweater dog bandana

We feel pretty bad about not being to active lately. So to make up for that, we've added a new size of bandana (triangle, 28" x 18" microfiber) for your furry best friends. It's a good size for smaller and medium sized dogs as well; easier to fold over and get an ascot style look!

Banana Bandanas Flower Power triangle dog bandana

Anywho, thanks so much for finding our website if this is your first time; and if it's not - thanks for coming by again. This has been a fun and silly little project for us, and it's been really cool to meet a bunch of really interesting dog (and/or) bandana people. You all rock.


xoxo, Gossip Girl

Banana Bandanas

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