Join our Banana Bunch!

We are right now on the search for a team of cute dogs to join our Banana Bunch! Over the next week we are running a contest on our Instagram page; we would love to see you and your dog get involved.

What does it mean to be in our Banana Bunch? Consider this our model network of dogs on Instagram. Each member will get a free bandana as a welcome gift, and a unique discount code for their followers to use. Each time somone uses your discount code you get paid! If your dog has a following on their Instagram page this can be a great way for you to monetize that and make some extra cash each month.

We wanted to do something even more special though. After you have 5 friends use your discount code we will collaborate together to design a bandana in the spirit of your dog! What does that mean? Honestly, you get to decide. We will work together to create something that perfecfly embodies your best friend. All sales of that bandana you will earn commissions on as well, even if no one used your discount code!

After our contest ends, this page will be converted to a gallery featuring all of our Banana Bandana members. Currently there are 10 spots; so make sure you enter as many times as you can! Again, details about entering into the contest can be found on our Instagram page.