Oh you don't think we are established enough to have a bandana with our logo on it eh? Just watch us. Featuring the second most popular personified banana, Bananaman!

Titty Town.

Love titties? Who doesn't! We love them so much we plastered them all over some fabric for you to wear with pride. Every titty is a great titty, which titty is your titty? 5% of all sales of this pattern will go towards Breast Cancer research through Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dropping Oil or Spilling Acid.

Forget tie-dye, these bandanas are the perfect accessory for your next session hangout. Get lost in all of the pretty colours duuuuuuude.

Space Explorer.

Space might be the final frontier, but the penultimate frontier is definitely your forehead. Cover up that expanse with our Space Explorer pattern. Far out dude.

Got Milk?

Yes. Yes we do. And you could too - on your forehead! That's where you needed all the calcium and vitamin D anyways. Upgrade your forehead to legen-DAIRY status.