Shipping Information.

Shipping Time.

Each Banana Bandana is made by hand by experts across North America. To be specific, our bandanas and pet bandanas are made in Denver, Colorado while our overripe line of bandanas as well as our headbands are made in Montreal, Canada. Becuase each bandana is made to order, printed, hemmed and packaged perfectly it can take some time to get to your door (and later, your forehead).

Printing and creation of the bandanas and pet bandanas typically take 4 business days; with an additional 4 business days shipping time. If you are shipping your bandana or pet bandana internationally (including Canada and Mexico) please allow an additional week for shipping. Printing and creation of our overripe bandanas and pet bandanas (as well as our headbands) take 3 business days, with an additional 4 business days shipping to anywhere in North America. For overseas orders, please allow an additional week of shipping time!

If your bandanas are shipping to the U.S, expect them in a week; if they are going to Canada, expect them in 1.5 weeks and finally if they are going overseas expect them in 2! With all orders, no matter where they are going or what you have ordered, we will provide tracking information and regular shipping updates.

Shipping Cost.

If you are joining the fashion craze of matching your pet's bandanas with your own; shipping will be free! If you are just buying a single bandana, shipping to Canada and the mainland U.S will be a small fee of $3. International orders shipping charges are calculated on checkout.