American Badass.

"AMERICA. F%$! YEAH! Coming again, to save the mother f$%!ing day yeah!" If you are an American hero, or at the very least want to act like one this is the bandana for you baby. Freedom is the only way, yeah!


Oh you don't think we are established enough to have a bandana with our logo on it eh? Just watch us. Featuring the second most popular personified banana, Bananaman!

Big Pointy Rocks.

Are you an avid mountain climber? Impressive. Do you love long walks on hiking trails through the woods? Less impressive, but we will still give you credit. This bandana is sure to fit your passions! Available in Sunset or Black and White.


Lost somewhere between a checkered racing flag, a chess board and a gingham pattern is our Checkmate bandana. You might look a little confused, but you will also look very, very stylish.

Derpy Dinos.

God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs to wear on your forehead.

Desert Dreams.

Do you have dreams of the desert? That's kinda weird, but it's okay we won't tell anyone. We've illustrated this desert themed bandana to fulfill your wildest western fantasies.

Dropping Oil or Spilling Acid.

Forget tie-dye, this bandana is the perfect accessory for your next session hangout. Get lost in all of the pretty colours duuuuuuude.

Forehead Forager.

Is your forehead similar to the floor of a large dense forest brimming with fungi? Well we are truly sorry about that. If you want to cover that up with some better looking fungi, this is the bandana for you. If you have a normal forehead, this is still probably the bandana for you - it's awesome.

Forehead Full of Rocks.

100% real marble. None of that laminate bullsh#@ for your refined forehead. So hard and so tough, you could use it as a cutting board. Try it. I dare you.

Got Milk?

Yes. Yes we do. And you could too - on your forehead! That's where you needed all the calcium and vitamin D anyways. Upgrade your forehead to legen-DAIRY status.

Holy Guacamole.

Have you ever had a guacamole so good that you unironically said "holy guacamole" out-loud? Get ready to experience that all over again when this baby arrives and you wears it for the first time. It's gonna look that good.

Mary Jane Maze.

Been dazed and confused for so long it's not true. Wanted bandanas? Well, we've got a bargain for you. Lots of people talking, few of them know. This is my forehead, and my face is beloooow, yeah!

Motion in the Ocean.

We were at a beach, everybody had matching towels!Inspired by the classic party jam Rock Lobster - this bandana is sure to cause a commotion. A great bandana for those who seem to spend more time in the ocean than on land!

My Eyes Are Up Here.

Is it really too much to ask that you maintain eye contact with me while we speak? Show those lookie-loos who is boss with this cheeky bandana - available in Sky Blue and Black and White!

Not Your Mother's Toile.

Do you remember those tacky drapes in your Mom's upstairs bathroom? Take a ride down nostalgia lane with this vintage inspired toile spread. Note - this totally is your mother's toile.

Pet Semetary.

R.I.P. These animals died to make you look more badass, so wear the sh*# out of this bandana in their honour. (please note that no REAL animals were harmed in the making of this - calm down vegans)

Rainbow Houndstooth.

Houndstooth is going to be hot again in 2018; rainbows are always going to be hot. Combine the two and glam your forehead up this year!

Rose Tinted Mirrors.

If you were looking for the exact meeting point of a neon-future and classic-vintage aesthetic, we have good news for you. It's these exact bandanas.


Tonights outfit is missing just one thing - dicks all over your forehead. This impressive pattern of penises is sure to make you stand out against the crowd. 5% of all sales of this bandana will go towards Prostate Cancer research through Prostate Cancer Canada.

Space Explorer.

Space might be the final frontier, but the penultimate frontier is definitely your forehead. Cover up that expanse with our Space Explorer pattern. Far out dude.

The Entire Universe.

We took a photo of the entire universe (don't ask us how, or do, it's pretty cool) and created a pattern with it, so you can wear it on that other massive thing (your forehead).

Thicc AF.

Are you thick AF and proud AF? Are you not, but want to show off anyway? We don't give AF, and this pattern will surely show that you don't either.

Titty Town.

Love titties? Who doesn't! We love them so much we plastered them all over some fabric for you to wear with pride. Every titty is a great titty, which titty is your titty? 5% of all sales of this pattern will go towards Breast Cancer research through Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Total Eclipse of The Heart.

Valentine’s day is about celebrating all forms of love we strive to give and receive in this world. If you look for it, we’ve got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around… this pattern! Peace and love.

Totally Tapestry.

A totally geometric series of bandanas, totally awesome and totally inspired by the tapestry in our basement. You are going to look damn classy wearing this bad boy.